Because its a treasure-hunt everyday !

With new merchandise rolling in every week, it’s an adventure to explore and to discover what’s new. Many customers wander the Rainbows several times each week, nearly always uncovering a new “treasure”.


Rainbows mission is to reduce consumer costs and minimise food wastage by facilitating the sale of short-dated and past best before food and drinks that may have otherwise been discarded. We DO NOT sell out of date or food that has gone past the ‘used by’ date to ensure products are safe for consumption. There is no membership required and you can just turn up during opening hours.

Why are your products so cheap?

Rainbows stocks a range of major branded products that are available in supermarkets. Our prices are low because we source our products from manufacturers and wholesalers who are looking to clear their excess, short-dated, seasonal or end-of-line stock.

Will you always have these products?

As our prices are so low, our stock sells out quickly. This is why we recommend our customers to purchase sooner rather than later. We have new stock arriving weekly, so you can also enjoy other products at low prices!